NCCB Career Training Providers

At National Career Certification Board (NCCB), we take certification seriously. We provide entry-level exams to ensure employers that individuals have the knowledge necessary to be successful in their career field. Candidates for certification need to complete a formal career training certificate program or have the necessary work experience to pass our certification exams.

Each candidate will take an exam that consists of 75 questions. These questions will pull from a bank of over 200 questions. This means that NO two exams are the same.

Our certification exams are all online and proctored by Proctorio. They have one (1) hour to complete their certification exam and must make a 70% or higher to receive their National Certification status. The pass rate at NCCB is 85% across all exam fields.

With this in mind, we have approved NCCB Career Training Providers that we recommend to our candidates for the training programs. If you would like to apply to be an NCCB Career Training Provider, follow these steps and submit the form.

Steps to becoming an NCCB Career Training Provider:

  1. Fill out the application for your school, university or training company. NCCB Career Training Provider Form
  2. Submit a syllabus for each certification you train candidates for. If there is more than one course per training curriculum, a syllabus for each course must be submitted. 

There is NO FEE to become an NCCB Career Training Provider! We would like to work together to improve the workforce for the industries we serve.

Once you have completed the application, please submit it to for review. The review process can take up to 4 weeks. We will notify you by email regarding your application.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you as an NCCB Career Training Provider!